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As my triathlon gets closer, the training has gotten WAY harder.

Obviously that's kind of the point, but our lives have felt so far from anything resembling a normal routine that my workout schedule is quite sporadic and it becomes so easy to eliminate a swim day when there are about a bazillion other things that I should also technically be doing.Thankfully, G's parents have an awesome pool in their backyard, and I'm trying to take full advantage of all the swim-time I can get until we move in to our own tiny bungalow next month.IMG_7826

Today's Get Fit post is Part 5 in my summer fitness series with bobble, and I'll be covering a few handy resources PLUS some little tips I've encountered along the way.

Hopefully this will inspire even the non-exercisers out there to start dipping their littlest toe into the pool of possibility! ;)IMG_7761


+ Temperature Regulation.  Exposing your body to a (safe!) range of temps in a short period of time is great for circulation, muscle recovery AND metabolism. Jumping into cool water might sound unappealing at first, but once you adjust -- you'll be reaping the benefits in no time.+ Calorie Burn.  Although your stroke choice and exertion are two things that play into the actual energy spent, it's true that swimming laps generally burns even more calories than running for the same amount of time at a moderate pace. This means I get to add a few extra splurges throughout the week, and then I'll follow up with an extra-generous serving of my favorite post-workout snacks.+ Joint Protection.  Cross-training is a crucial part of overall fitness, but it's especially important for runners to include activities that involve a bit less impact. I love the strength-building aspect of a good pool workout, and it always feels great to give my tired knees and ankles a break from hitting the concrete on dry land.IMG_7814


+ Find a Buddy.  Setting a date and time to meet your friend for a pool workout will add some helpful accountability, and having a social outing to look forward makes it feel MUCH less like a chore. (Any one want to go for a swim?!)+ Start Small.  Don't worry about races or personal records before you've even taken the first dip... I grew up swimming competitively, but getting back into the game has meant taken this part of the training one lap at a time. This post about learning to swim as an adult helped me get back to basics, and the links to helpful resources and videos have been awesome!+ Stay Hydrated.  It might sound odd, but did you know that we still sweat while we're in the water?  It's important to keep a fresh bottle of H20 nearby during any type of pool workout, and it's true that my bobble rarely leaves my side these days.  A good rule of thumb is to drink at least 16 oz for every hour spent in the pool, but I find myself using these tips for staying hydrated while I fill up again and again.IMG_7794


+ Great Goggles.  It's true that just about any pair will do, but there IS a bit of a science to seeing efficiency here (I wear these). The type body of water that you'll be swimming in should direct your choice in size, shape and lens tint, but the bottom line is visibility... As long as you can see, you'll probably be just fine. ;)+ Nose Plugs.  A necessary evil... These might look silly on land, but they are SO worth it if you're hoping to make flip-turns feel more enjoyable and less like someone is shooting a firehose up your nostrils.+ Wet Suit.  Besides the basic needs like a cute racing suit and your swimcap + goggles, I've decided to rent a full wetsuit at the recommendation of a handful of fitness experts and triathlete friends. Instead of trying to make my spring suit work in the chilly water of the Pacific Ocean, I nabbed a full length version from a rental website, and will start practicing in the pool with it very soon. (Should be pretty hilarious. Follow styleandpepper on snapchat for a full disclosure of my floating antics.)IMG_7755

Ok, Sweet Swimmers: I'd love to hear your own tricks for "diving in" with some sort of consistency, and any form of encouragement or cheer-leading will be MUCH appreciated! ;)


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