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New week, new adventure!

I'm back on the East Coast for a fun client project for the next few days, and next week -- Mr. Pepper and I are headed south to meet our sponsored friend with Unbound in Guatemala!With all of the time we've been spending on the road lately, I've been musing about some ways to keep my wits about me while my actual GPS bounces all over the map:

  • Changing into fresh clothes between take-off and landing makes SO much sense for long flights, and this how-to gives a fantastic run-down of how to pull it off seamlessly, and with style.
  • If something like a functional suitcase could possibly be called a work of art, THIS floral roller bag has got to be it! I'm due for a much needed upgrade, but am trying to decide if the hardshell cases make a difference in wear and tear? I can't tell how I feel about them quite yet, but would love to hear your thoughts!
  • Cross-training is important for all fitness enthusiasts, but sometimes it's tricky to keep up with workouts when you find yourself hopping from place to place. My sweet little brother recently gave me this amazing travel workout kit that fits snugly in my bag, and it contains just a few simple tools that let me build up my strength while I'm on the road. Love that I can bring it along without having to worry about taking up too much valuable room in my shoe-heavy suitcase! ;)
  • Maxi dresses are my first choice for summer airplane-wear, and they're perfect for times when I want to feel comfortable but need to look pulled together when I land.  Since it's still quite warm in Southern California, I'm copying Kendi to stay cool and tossing on my softest denim jacket to hold the air conditioning at bay.
  • Keeping my important cards in check with a slim card case instead of my usual bulky wallet. Love that it leaves more room in my bag for a slew of magazines, and extra space for the usual suspects with it comes to stocking up on healthy snacks.
  • Just in case you're still daydreaming about squeezing in a trip before the holidays creep in... You must check out these gorgeous hotels that are all under $100 a night! (PLEASE tell me if you book... That way, I can live vicariously through your adventures!)

Ps. - This won't be much of a surprise if you're already a part of the crew, but I can't stop daydreaming about a Marriage is Funny group vacay for the upcoming Spring!  Sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss a beat, and I'll promise to keep you posted the MOMENT we have more details.*Image from this darling map envelope diy