Digital Sprinkles // Getting Sh*t Done


wit and delight offerEver since landing in California last weekend, Mr. Pepper and I have been running around like crazy to try and get settled before a few upcoming trips we have in the works. (Yes! More travel!) We're staying with my in-laws in Orange County while we try to find a place to live in Long Beach, and that process is turning out to me more time consuming than we originally expected.I have a feeling that posting here will continue to be sporadic for the next few weeks, but I promise to pop in whenever I can. In the meantime -- Don't forget you can always listen to the latest life adventures on our show, and I'd love to have you follow along with my instas and snapchats (search styleandpepper!) for the usual updates.

In the meantime, I'm trying to keep things moving with a few savvy systems, and find myself relying on a smattering of these go-tos when it comes to getting sh*t done:

  • Like magic, Meg's handy paper sets help me plan and prep for any type of challenge. The focus stickies are my favorite, but the blank calendar makes planning blog posts and social media a WHIZ.
  • In order to make my training time feel a bit more productive, I always love throwing on one of my regular podcasts. Lately, I've been listening to the ladies of Being Boss for a swift kick in the stylishly work-appropriate pants. (Which are WAY cuter than the ones I wore to my news internships 10 years ago.)
  • I keep a tight little list of favorite resources to share as a guide for my consulting clients, and find myself referencing it quite often as I look for ways to streamline so many of Team Pepper's day to day tasks. I'm sure you've got your own handy list, and I'm dying to know if you can think of anything that I may have forgotten to include!
  • And finally, a reward for winding down and getting lost in the cuteness of tiny animals and internet memes... Might I suggest this party for petite hedgehogs? Admittedly LESS about productivity and MORE about a good giggle at the end of a very long day. :)

*Image from this office makeover by Wit + Delight.