Digital Sprinkles // Birthday Boy



I've woken up to this face almost every morning for the last eight years and my heart still skips two beats when I realize: This is it. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

We're pretty much buried in boxes over here (movers come Monday!), so in the meantime I've been daydreaming about a few ways that I WISH I could fill G's 31st birthday with extra special moments in order to snuff out the little snippets that are shrink-wrapped in stress...

  • Fresh fruit stuffed with cheese, drizzled with honey, and wrapped in delicate meat? The way to his heart is through a good antipasto plate, and this summery version would certainly take the cake.
  • We're both suckers for quality time, and a completely free day means plenty of time to stretch our legs while we share our hearts. Megan says it all with this post about the power of walking together.
  • We love leaving each other notes around the house, and I think the top card in this stack says it all. (Plus, he'd love that they support a friend AND a good cause!)
  • An ode to his favorite cookie in the world, this simple dessert would make the perfect afternoon treat.
  • The man loves his shoes almost as much as I do, and this handsome green pair would have him all set for fall.

Regardless of the fact that our to-do lists are starting to rival the length of the road-trip in front of us, I'm just so smitten with the sweetest guy I know, and love how he makes every moment of our lives together feel like a special occasion!

Feel free to wish him a HBD right over here, and please keep sending good bubble-wrap vibes our way this weekend! ;)Ps. - Follow along on Snapchat (styleandpepper) to see how we are celebrating the day with bags of hashbrowns, a few tiny blessings, and hopefully some big box-related wins!