Marriage is Funny | Month Two


MIF Month TwoWhen G and I launched a podcast earlier this summer we were absolutely adorable:

What a fun little side project this will be!We've always wanted a hobby that we can do together!

Now that we're 12 episodes in, the cuteness of that sentiment has faded fast and our "side project" has bloomed into something that now takes up a BIG chunk of my work week.I had NO idea that it would occupy so much time or bandwidth, but I am also consistently surprised by how much more I enjoy it than nearly any other part of my business. This blog will always be so super special to me, and I can't imagine not having the chance to pour into other women through lifestyle design, but here's the thing...

LOVE, you guys.

It is at the core of everything I do, and getting to combine it with on-air hosting and new media (two other things I'm nuts for) is making for multiple pinch-me moments nearly every day.Check out the recap of Month One if you're just catching up, and take a peek (and then a listen!) to the latest "Quick Bites" from Month Two below. ;)

Rule 008 | Nothing Really Rhymes With Husband

The Peppers finally get a chance to take their show on the road! This episode was recorded LIVE in front of a studio audience (I've always wanted to say that), and we chat with some very special guests about what it looks like to explore the world together while surviving the stress of summer travel. Added bonus: Sharing our best method to get your spouse to do what you want without nagging!

Rule 009 | Use Caution When Pouring Your Heart Out to a Narcoleptic

This show was supposed to be about cell phone upgrades, but ends up covering hurt feelings instead.  Instead of always trying to check-in on what the world is experiencing, The Peppers learn that experiencing the world together is far more important. Additional topics include the importance of therapy, and getting very in touch with Gerard's addiction to Angel's Baseball.

Rule 010 | Getting Across The Country Takes Longer Than You Might Think

Announcements and a big anniversary! We’re going on tour! We’re moving to LA! We are coming to give you bear hugs in person! Listen to episode 10 to find out about connecting with us in your hometown, and hear the most notable (and often outlandish) things we’ve learned about marriage over the last eight years. Sign up for our newsletter and we'll send you a rundown of all the details for our trip!

Rule 011 | You Can't Teach An Old Spouse New Tricks

Come take a seat on our second-hand couch, and we'll tell you why our friend "Craig" makes Jessie feel like an interior designer (and is always good for some cheap entertainment). Things get heated in the kitchen when Gerard burns the sweet potato fries, and The Peppers both admit that they're not great at learning new things when the other one is really just bossing them around.

Rule 012 | Always Act Impressed When Your Partner Flexes Their Muscles

This week's episode features our first listener question, and a new show format -- The Quickie. ;) We chat about how working together has shaped our relationship, and why sleeping your way to the top is almost always a bad idea. 

 We're headed on a super fun (last minute!) tropical trip next week, so I'm putting the finishing touches on Episode 13 right now and as always, the new one will magically appear on this coming Tuesday morning!

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XOXO - Jessie Pepper