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staying hydrated

When the Summer finally starts to feel hotter than hot, my obsession with having water on me at every moment reaches an all-time high.

Most of my friends are shocked to hear how much H2O I consume in a typical day (nearly a gallon!), but when I'm running around town it can be trickier to stick with my normal "drinking habits" that I keep at home.Having a Bobble on hand to filter the water from drinking fountains in the city is a major must, but there are a few other tips that I use to make sure that my body stays healthy and hydrated on heat-warning days like today.stayng hydrated

Tips for Staying Hydrated:

- Add chia seeds to your diet. Most people are now familiar with the popular super-food, and I've been drinking them for years in my healthy summer-time cider-ade! Such an easy way to amp up your favorite beverages, and something that can make a big difference in healthy water retention.- Eat foods like watermelon, cucumber + celery. Chop all three and mix with fresh spinach, then add greek yogurt and balsamic vinegar blended as a tart dressing. YUM. (Bonus points for adding sprouted seeds or nuts as a healthy form of protein.)- Add flavor to your water. My sweet friend Arielle shared an amazing how-to for this sparkling water sangria, but even something as simple as a few grapefruit wedges makes all the difference!- Get a bottle that you love. I always keep a full glass on my desk, a big pitcher in the fridge, and a bobble in every color for each day of the week.- Use technology to your advantage. The waterminder app sounds like an overly  simple concept at first, but having a reminder make a big difference and keeping track of a new habit is often the best way to help it to stick around.

Important extra notes:

If you’re a high-intensity exerciser (like someone training for a triathlon, perhaps?) OR someone who also hydrates very excessively, you might begin to notice a craving for sodium because your body is over-excreting it. I often find myself feeling the urge to eat something salty around mid-day, and have been learning that this is likely my body giving me an important signal!Sodium maintains our bodies’ blood volume and blood pressure (which I've had trouble with in the past) and it also plays a big part in muscle and nerve functions.Extreme salt cravings might also be a clue of chronic stress, and the best bet here is to make sure you're getting enough chloride in your diet. Foods that contain healthy sodium, like celery and beets are your best options and can be the most natural ways to restore balance within your body. Stay away from too much table salt or potato chips (duh), and if you have to… use sea salt from a good quality source.*Image by Sara Haile and a sneak peek at an upcoming post! 

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