Eat Live Wear | Sun On My Shoulders



Easy meals, simple bouquets, breezy outfits -- All indications of a summer that is well underway, and full of too many fun things to be bothered by bulk or fillers or fuss.

G and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary today (you can hear what we're up to in the latest episode of Marriage is Funny), and then I'm looking forward to some sunshine and girl time with a few of my sweet gal pals on Saturday.We're soaking up as much NYC as we can over the next few weeks, and this week's news has certainly put a new perspective on making plans and embracing our current location as much as we can!Feel free to follow along on Snapchat (I'm styleandpepper there!) to see a full account of our summer fun, and in the meantime - Happy Friday!!Eat // Roasted Onions Stuffed with Black Quinoa PilafLive // In a space filled with fresh flowers that popWear // Off-the-shoulder shirts and shorts that won't bunch