Digital Sprinkles | Summer Fun


Sharing sunsets on snapchat.
Farmer's markets, full to the brim.
Bikinis under everything.
A bazillion ways to brave the heat with braids.

We are knee deep into my favorite season, and here are a few of the spicy little finds that have been making my life much more flavorful lately:

  1. Burt's Bee's Bug Spray is my #1 must-have for any outdoor activity during the summer months. Without it, I get EATEN ALIVE by mosquitos, and this chemical-free options makes me feel good about taking care of my skin in a natural way.

  2. My hair is FINALLY at a length where I can experiment with some new styles, and this "S wave" tutorial from Liz will be the first thing I try when we get back from our trip next week. (Cute bobbi pins and braids until then.)

  3. We are taking full advantage of all the produce that comes piled high from rural Jersey this summer, and my friend Britney has seriously upgraded my grilled corn-on-the-cob game.

  4. I don't usually have the patience to wait for tasty treats to freeze, but I think that whipping up a batch of honeydew-mint margarita popsicles before we leave on Sunday will make for a very happy return next week. (How do people come up with such delicious things?!)

This morning, G told me that his favorite thing about Summer are extended hours of sunshine, and I have to agree that letting the days laze on feels like such a luxury (especially Fridays!) -- Wouldn't you agree?

We're headed out to celebrate his last day of work in NYC tonight with dinner and comedy with some sweet friends. Then it's time to buckle back down before a super-exciting last-minute trip next week... More on that Sunday! ;)

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

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