Concrete Catwalk // Breezy in Bell Sleeves


IMG_7020A few photos from last month in Kansas City, and of course, I'm nostalgic for some of the concrete catwalks where this blog began.One thing I'm NOT really missing is the heavy humidity and moody summer weather... Both of which can be tricky to dress for when you're trying to look cute, while feeling perpetually drenched.IMG_7009I quickly reverted back to my old staples of flowy fabrics and structured shorts, but really any combo of summertime favorites can be polished off with the right lip-stain (my current favorite!) and a pair of woven wedges.This little look was perfect for Happy Hour with friends that led to dinner on the patio, and I was pleased to find that vented sleeves act a lot like air conditioning when they let in an evening breeze. ;)Ps. - I feel like a broken record saying this, but the past two months have felt like such a blur that I've missed posting on the blog more often in a MAJOR way.

The good news is that I've got a seriously big announcement to share with you here next week, but in the meantime - You can always follow along with our latest adventures by joining me on Snapchat! (My username is styleandpepper, and I'm officially obsessed!)

I'll also be sharing our big surprise in tomorrow's Pepper Letter -- then again this weekend on insta and twitter if you'd like to be the first to know! ;)

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