Welcome to the new S+P!


floral mantleImage via D*SWhen I first started blogging, it was all about riding the waves of creativity and letting them carry us to places we'd never thought we'd reach.  Doing our own thing, serving up digital dishes for an audience we might otherwise never meet.

Beginning to build my own little spot on the internet felt oddly similar to the sense I had when we moved into our first apartment together as a married couple.

Nothing matched. Everything clashed. We tried so hard to make the space "feel like us" (at 22 years old) that it ended up being one big mash-up of styles, eras, colors + half-finished DIY projects. (And I do NOT mean this in an elegantly bohemian way.)The next version became about function and form and finding ways to make a big impact with a slightly more forgiving budget. I spent hours upon hours researching things like fancy appliances and sophisticated furniture, while simultaneously focusing on search engine optimization and the latest social media channels as a way to stay on top.Eventually, starting to sift through my schizophrenic style and settling on a core message certainly helped, but now it's seven years later (to the WEEK) and I can hardly believe how much things have changed.  So much transformation has happened both here on the site and inside our home, but also throughout the blogging industry (and inside my heart) as a whole.The Style + Pepper brand has gone through many visible adaptations over the course of it's life. As our content and core ingredients continue to morph and grow, I love using a fresh new look of the brand as an opportunity to refine and reorient and reimagine all of the ways that it may look in another handful of months or years.

The biggest difference you'll see today, is that our new design feels modern, easy + much more like our real home than ever before. That's always been my whole aim, really -- To create a space where you feel welcome and loved and invited and warm.

Go ahead and pull up a seat at the table, let me pour you a fizzy drink while I pop on the tunes, and please make yourself at home while you enjoy the latest version of our flavorful new brand.All of the new visuals you'll see here were created in collaboration with my incredibly talented (and patient) baby brother... We started with a bit of inspiration (moodboard below), and managed to get through the entire process without punching each other even once.inspiration everywhereWe kept the punchiness of PEPPER as our flavorful core, and I love how uniquely each of the different branches have stemmed off from there...S&P_PrimaryFancy flashing GIFs! We couldn't resist.PepperologieThe extras below are for my sisters on the inside, and I couldn't resist making something special for the sweetie pies who join us each month for brunch in NYC!LettersBrunchThe core of everything I do is very much the same, so what I post here will clearly follow... I'm still regularly freaking out over fun things like style and sweat sessions and sipping cocktails, but the beautifully tragic and triumphant matters of the heart will hopefully be popping up a bit more often.

I believe that it all belongs, and I'm grateful for a space and opportunity to share it with you whenever you decide to stop by.

In the meantime, please know that I love seeing the snaps and tweets and tags as you capture your own version of a #flavorfullife, and can't wait to keep exploring what this looks like while we take little moments to celebrate it together!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper