Marriage is Funny | Month One


MIF Month OneI'm back from vacation this weekend, but instead of facing the typical back-to-reality blues, we're actually doing a bit of celebrating over here!

Our podcast has been climbing the charts over on iTunes, and this weekend we made it to the #2 spot in New & Noteworthy for our category and #25 for overall New & Noteworthy across all shows!

Pinching ourselves that what started as a little side-project is being so well-received, and feeling REALLY grateful for all of the kind words and generous feedback since our launch just a few weeks ago. :)Since we're already posting a recap of each episode over on the MIF website, I'm thinking that doing a little month in review right here will make the most sense from now on. Without further ado -- here's where the adventure has taken us so far, and feel free to listen in and let me know what you think!

Rule 001 | Don't Try to Hang a Chandelier Together in Your First Year of Marriage

We FINALLY kick off our first episode and can't help but hit the ground running. You'll hear a bit of backstory on how we met, along with the reasons why starting a podcast feels like an important part of our current reality.

Rule 002 | Always Keep Your Partner’s Favorite Mood Music On Hand

While discussing our “bedroom playlist” preferences for the first time, we invent an app that will make it easier to "turn something on" at a moments notice. ;) Gerard wants to figure out why people won't get over Jessie’s last name, and then finally admits to embracing his secret alter ego. We come clean about the story of how we named our podcast, and you'll also hear a glimpse at how The Peppers first came to be.

Rule 003 | No One Likes to be Woken Up by a Vibrating Floor

This episode is partially about sleep, which feels relevant because Jessie put the whole thing together at 3:16am (while Gerard was busy getting his beauty rest). Defining quality time can be a game changer if you're honest with your partner, and the two learn that pummeling past the details make for completely missing the point.

Rule 004 | Never Air Your Dirty Laundry in Public

The quickest show yet. This one was originally supposed to be about laundry, but Jessie had a melt down, so Gerard throws in the towel.

Rule 005 | It Never Hurts to Ask for a Price Cut

We may not be official Minimalists, but give us a chance to scale back on our bills, and we’ll take it. Ep 5 includes a round-up of our current TV favorites, tiny-house daydreaming, and brainstorming ways to get rid of clutter in order to live more simply.

Rule 006 | Never Serve Deli Meat to a Vegetarian

A timely conversation about in-laws, lunch meat, and midday sleeping, because let's face it: Most summers are filled to the brim with family time, picnic sammies, and lots and lots of weekend naps.

Rule 007 | Putting On a Bikini is the Best Way to Cheer Up a Crying Husband

The Peppers are pro-bikini, but there are plenty of folks out there who might disagree. Jessie and Gerard open up about how body image affects their marriage, and why the idea of modesty means something different to so many people. Gerard is reminded that we are blessed to be a blessing, and realizes that being a bi-vocational pastor is more ingrained in his life than he originally thought.

This weekend, I'm putting the finishing touches on Episode 8 (our first recording in front of a studio audience!) and as always, the new one will magically appear on Tuesday morning!

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XOXO - Jessie Pepper