Life // Vulnerability Hangover


kitty + cactiEvery once in a while (meaning nearly every day) I find myself oversharing to a friend, family member or innocent bystander.

The intentions behind it are pretty straightforward, but I sometimes find myself trying to lasso back my herd of words out of embarrassment or regret.Being an open book gives you lots of ways to connect with others, but occasionally, I notice that I've forgotten my boundaries and it makes me worried that I'll be placed aside with my pages askew.G and I recorded a new episode of Marriage is Funny last night, and I really don't know if everything I blurted out (ok, blubbered) will be included in the final version of the show. We're still trying to define which layers of our relationship are off limits, and as comfortable as I am with transparency, I woke up this morning with the sinking feeling I may have gone a little too far.

The funny thing is, I LOVE a chance to share sincerely to whoever will listen, but being honest on the internet is a tricky business.

Words must be placed just-right before anyone consumes them, and if someone does decide to disagree (which is totally fine), you are rarely afforded the chance to have a healthy discussion before being judged and dismissed. (Or completely torn apart, if we're being honest.)Relationships are one of the five key ingredients that I guide clients through in my lifestyle design sessions, and one of the things that I hear over and over is the assumption that I "probably wouldn't understand" a certain struggle because my life/relationships/career appear on the surface to be swimming along quite well.This is FAR from the truth (and listening to our podcast will prove it), but at the same time -- I can understand why the internet version of Jessie Pepper might cause a new friend to feel like I may not "get what they're going through."

In case you were wondering:

I have body image hang-ups.I have broken relationships.I have health issues.I have career anxieties.I have mental breakdowns.BUT (Big ol' but...)

I am also incredibly blessed by a God who loves me and created me to be just the way that I am.

Embracing and sharing both the tear-soaked moments and shiniest treasures is something that I am constantly challenged by, but most days -- still pinch myself that I get the chance to do it all here with you. :)XOXO - Jessie PepperImage via Camille Styles