Digital Sprinkles // Take Heart


straw tote and teal sandalsAfter being out of town all week and having lots of catch up to play, I'm leaving you with a few sprinkles that will hopefully get your weekend off to the right start, and with heart... ;)

  • Danielle Burkleo wrote a piece about "Taking Back Instagram" and it seriously spoke to my little square-loving heart.
  • It's very possible that I'm the only 30 year old wearing heart-shaped sunnies around town, but WHO FREAKING CARES. (Truthfully, my little brother feels like he has to hide his face when we leave the house together, but that's just too darn bad for him.)
  • A fit-bit for the soul... I'm equally intrigued and confused about how something like this would work, but can definitely get behind the sentiment of finding ways to shape up on my spiritual practices. Would you ever try something like this?
  • It's officially wedding season, and if you've got a slew of invites on your fridge then you'll certainly want to read this comprehensive list of tips from one of my sweetest friends. (Spoiler: She let me share a story from our own special day, and even used a few of our photos within the piece!)
  • You bad-ass creatives might already be familiar with a site called Fresh Rag, but if not - It's a must-read for anyone wanting to infuse their projects with playfulness + passion. I recently had the pleasure of chatting to Dave on his podcast, and we riffed on everything from married life to style icons to how to make friends in hotel lobbies.

Speaking of podcasts, our facebook group for Marriage is Funny continues to grow, and I've been blown away by how many wonderful ideas have been shared about topics for upcoming shows! My favorite (and seemingly common response) so far has been "navigating time with in-laws." Since we're headed to our usual family reunion with G's family next week, I'm thinking that will most certainly pop up in an upcoming episode!Be sure to subscribe on iTunes if you'd like to listen in, and join the little fam by requesting an invite right here. ;)Have a flavorful weekend, Friends!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper