Digital Sprinkles // It All Makes Scents


eucalyptusI've always been intrigued by how our lives and memories are enhanced by a strong sense of smell, and this week's sprinkles highlight a few fragrances that have become recent favorites.Seems fitting on a weekend that I'm being flooded with memories of my sweet Papa Bear while we're in different states for Father's Day... One of the smells that always reminds me of him is the smoky rich scent of fresh coffee beans brewed with ground cinnamon - Wish we were sipping ours together this morning!

  • Eucalyptus is said to invigorate and energize with it's clean and crisp aroma, and using it in the shower is such an easy way to make an ordinary bathroom feel more like a spa. Tie a small bundle of the pretty mint-colored branches to your shower-head and the heat will make the whole house smell lovely.  If your local flower shop doesn't have any available (ours is kind of hit-or-miss), I dab a bit of this on my temples while I do my thang, and it totally does the trick.
  • G picked out a fancy leather candle for us when we were in Austin a few months ago, and even when it's unlit, the delicious smell wafts through the room.  I can't seem to find it ANYwhere online (hate it when that happens!), and it's one of those things that I wish we would have bought multiples of!
  • I've recently started using aromatherapy in our bedroom before falling asleep, and I love this little essential oil diffuser for being functional and well-designed. My current favorite scent is a mix of rosemary and eucalyptus... Reminds me of a relaxing day at the spa. :)
  • I tried out a Y7 yoga class in Manhattan a few weeks ago -- Have you heard of it? The entire room is almost completely dark except for the perimeter of scented candles, and the music is a loud blend of hip-hop / pop ballads meant to energize the vibe for the workout. (Totally works.) It's definitely a unique take on a familiar type of fitness, and kind of reminds me of how Soul Cycle up-leveled the typical spin class several years ago.
  • This copper prayer leaf would be such a pretty addition to my sweet little reading nook, and it would be the perfect spot for my palo santo sticks to burn while I write and relax. While I'm at it, I might as well pick up these strappy wrap sandals that I haven't been able to stop thinking about. ;)

Ps. - We're on vacation in with our family and friends in Missouri this week, so posting will be a little lighter around here while I take some time to relax + refresh! Follow along with my tweets + instas in the meantime, and add me over on Snapchat (at styleandpepper) for the latest addition to my social media channels! ;)

Image via Free People