PepperBrunch NYC // May Recap


PepperBrunch_May009I can't believe it's already been a few weeks since our last PepperBrunch, but this month has just gone by so quickly it seems! Instead of having me gush about the day (like usual), I decided to ask my right-hand-gal to share what the event was like from her perspective... Take it away, Sara!

PepperBrunch_May034One of my favorite elements of the whole day was our guest Robin's energy. I initially fell in love with her story through powerful glimpses of it on her social media channels, and it was amazing to be able to experience that same connection, in-person as she shared her insight on so many important topics.PepperBrunch_May007Our community of guests seemed to be filled with loads of motivation as they left the brunch that Sunday. It was such an honor to have so many leaders from the fitness and wellness communities there to join us, and the chance to come together in such an informal way made for amazing networking opportunities among like-minded women.PepperBrunch_May021The sponsors really helped make the even feel so special! We were lucky to have support from CLIF Bar, UNDOORDINARY, Matt's Munchies, Peloton, PERSU, ClassPass, fitBallet, Love Grace, and UrbanStems... The event would definitely not have been the same without their generous help and fabulous prizes.PepperBrunch_May004My Favorite Insights From Robin:
  • Sometimes she "spices things up" by dancing to Beyonce in her kitchen.
  • Success isn't linear, it's circuitous.
  • She was "allergic" to gym class in school and used to forge a note from her Mom to be excused!
  • Being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 1 last year has meant that she's still learning the ropes of how to treat her body while training and living with this new condition.
  • Good running shoes are a MUST... and you'll always look fly if you remember to add some extra flair. (Love how she trains in a crazy-cool combo of street clothes and activewear.)
  • Last but not least: This is your chance to Do. Epic. Shit.

PepperBrunch_May023We're so excited to be pulling together the final details of our next event, and as a fitness enthusiast (and someone who loves yummy food!) I can already tell you that it's going to be great!

Please consider joining us on Tuesday, June 16th and the tickets are now available right over here.

Final note from Jessie: So fun to have Sara share her take on the day! I can't let the opportunity pass to point out that she's had a big week as well -- celebrating both a birthday AND the launch of her own new project...  Girl, I'm so lucky to have you on our team and can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend!