Life // Banishing Burnout


IMG_6447The other night, I sat down with Mr. Pepper and warned him that the next handful of weeks are going to be a super full and focused season as it relates to my business.Being the logical gentleman that he is, we started outlining a few of the larger projects (like this one!) and he helped me identify a handful of helpful deadlines to aim for. The only remaining problem was that by the time we were finished, I was already feeling mostly exhausted and much less excited for all of the fun things that are up ahead.Burnout is something that I haven't struggled too much with along my journey as a creative entrepreneur, but it has recently crept up and smacked me right in the face before I even realized what was happening.As I've begun to notice that this little B-word is likely the root of the problem, my first reaction is to feel frustrated and sorry for myself. Fun times, right? Luckily, that's the point where my instinct kicks in and I know that I need to pull myself up-and-out of the downward spiral before it gets bad enough to call in the reinforcements.There are a few different ways that I've been trying to sprinkle in little moments of joy when I'm feeling overwhelmed, and I'm so happy to have Glade be a part of helping me share them with you here on S+P!IMG_64751. Focus on upcoming fun. My parents are coming for a visit this weekend! We have SO much good stuff planned, and even though it takes a lot of work to get the apartment ready for guests (they'll stay in my brothers room), it has been fun to set up their space with a few goodies that I know will make them feel right at home. I loaded up their nightstand with the necessities, and then added my Cashmere Woods candle and a potted lily to bring a little bit of nature into our city-style home.IMG_64862. Find (tiny) pockets of me time. Even though the the to-do list is often looming, I've noticed that making it a point to squeeze in moments where I can let my brain relax a bit makes me generally more productive throughout the day. I'm a firm believer in the immense value of self-care, and after committing to read in my sunny little nook for at 20 mins every afternoon, have noticed a BIG difference in feeling clear-minded enough for the rest of the day. Like a re-set button!Even if you work outside the home or dislike reading, you might try watching a Ted Talk (or Pepper Brunch!) on your lunch break, and I also love finding a shady spot outside while listening to a few of my favorite podcasts.  I think the key here is to avoid making it a time to multitask... I put my phone away, turn on my little ceramic wax melter, and curl up in my sunny nook while diggin into a new favorite or an old classic.IMG_64573. Fast forward to after the final deadlines. One of the biggest ways that I've learned to brighten up this busy season is by focusing on the moment that I'll get to relax after the last tasks are wrapped up. In June, we're headed to Missouri for our usual lake trip with G's family, and I already can't wait for quiet moments on the dock and forest adventures with nearly 40 aunts/uncles/cousins/etc!We're also going to be spending several days with some of our favorite friends in Kansas City, and even just imagining how much fun that will be is making it much easier to press on. One of the things I love about this one is that it definitely works on a smaller scale, just as well... Simply picturing the peace I'll feel when the project is no longer looming over me makes for more motivation and much less weariness.IMG_6446I know that there are so many wonderful things happening in our lives right now, but I am also fully aware of how easily the blessings can be overshadowed by lack of sleep and lots of stress.My goal is to free up plenty of space in my heart to be grateful for the good stuff, and I'd love to know any of your own tactics for banishing burnout from those sweet little souls of yours... Feel free to tweet them to me here, and you know how much I love chatting about all the ways that we can design a #flavorfullife!

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