Digital Sprinkles // A Hair Affair


summerbouclesexpressresYou know I'm a bit of a chameleon when it comes to my hair styles, but summer just seems like such a fun time to experiment with a new look, you know?This weekend's sprinkles are just a few links that your locks will love, and I promise that there are no drastic surprises in my upcoming hair-future. ;)

  • My sweet friend (and stylist) Rubi wrote a book! So much delicious knowledge jam-packed into The Art of Hair, and this is a must have for anyone looking for that perfect how-to resource.
  • I wrote about the secret to her success a few months back: It's a modern-day magic wand for your mane!
  • Keeping my new light blonde shade from crossing over into brassy territory has been trickier than I imagined. My own Mama is platinum blonde, and she schooled me at young age about the importance of purple shampoo - So I've been following her lead and lathering up with a lavender hue.
  • Can hardly wait to have the REAL thing when it comes to beachy waves, but in the meantime - I've got this handy recipe for DIY Sea Salt spray to tide me over.
  • Remember when I had super long and then super short hair? Ok fine. There we a few steps in-between, but I've really kind of loved them all. ;)

Ps. - Here's where to find the full beach-wave tutorial from the image above.