Beauty Bite // Skin Care Favorites


hiding under a hatRecovering from a busy weekend with the fam this morning, and am bringing you a few digital sprinkles before a springtime outfit post coming later this week...

  • A new tub of this wonder-stuff is sitting on my bathroom counter, and Mr. Pepper has been sneaking some for his dry spots and the delicious smell. I'll admit to using it mostly as a lip balm just so I can lick my lips and taste the tropics!
  • Is it possible to fall in love with a sunscreen? I started in on a bottle of Clarins 50 SPF this week, and cannot believe that it feels SO light but still has tons of coverage. My standards are HIGH in this arena, and it has already won me over for everything from running to wearing all day under my usual moisturizer and makeup.
  • Most of the time, I whip up my own body scrub from equal parts olive oil + sugar, but have recently been loving my packet of exfoliating coffee goodness by Frank. I always thought it sounded like a lofty claim, but have absolutely seen improvements in my scars (and cellulite!) when I gently and consistently use a body scrub in the shower. Now if only someone would invent a magical cure for stretch marks...
  • If you're a little travel bug like me, you likely have your own "portable toiletries" technique, but I'll admit that mine is typically as simple as keeping doubles of everything that I use stashed away in a small bag.  Last week brought an official upgrade that includes a clear plastic pouch, and a small matching set of my favorites from Murad! Airplane-approved and all ready for my next trip. ;)
  • Whenever allergy season hits, I seem to have trouble with keeping skin blemishes at bay... Enter the not-so-secret weapon that zaps them in a flash: Tea Tree oil! I mix a few drops with water in the palm of my hand, and then dab it directly on the spots to dry them out and clear things up in record time.

Ps. - Do you happen to have a favorite sunscreen for body? I have an old bottle from last year that I love, but it doesn't look like my drugstore carries it anymore... Would love your recommendations, and don't forget that those guys need to be tossed and replaced every Summer! ;)

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*Image of sweet Kelly, found here.