Watch // PepperBrunch Live on May 3rd!


robin-arzon-at-pepperbrunchnycSo flipping excited for our PepperBrunch on Sunday, and I just have a feeling that it will be our best one yet!I know many of you are too far away to take part in the festivities, but we're trying something new this month so keep reading if you've always wanted to watch from the comfort of your very own home...Team Pepper has been experimenting with the new Periscope App, and we're hopeful that this is the very tool that allows us to share the event with you live, from a distance this weekend.

Here are the steps to making this happen:

  • Download the Periscope app to your iPhone or iPad (only Apple mobile devices are currently supported) -- Unfortunately, there is not a way to use this program on your computer (or on Android devices) just yet, but we're hoping that changes in the near future!
  • Once you're logged in, follow @styleandpepper to be notified of our "scopes" and the app will send you an alert as soon as we're live on Sunday, May 3rd! Our brunch begins at 1:00pm EST and we'll likely start the broadcast when our official conversation begins around 1:45 EST. Be sure to keep your notifications on, and you'll get a little ping when we're live.
  • FOR EXTRA CREDIT: It would be amazing if you could also select the "share with your followers" option within the app, and that will help us share the event with as many lovely new friends as possible. (My favorite part about Periscope is that you literally tap the screen to share the love, and a little stream of colored hearts pops up while you watch!)

That's it! Pretty simple, and barring any technical complications -- The magic of the internet seems to be on our side. (Fingers crossed!)For those of you who won't be able to watch live and are still interested in the recording, we are still planning to capture the entire thing on film, so be sure to sign up here to receive those videos and stay tuned for an update on that in the following week or two.I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support we've received for our events so far, and it's been such a blessing to have you all along for the ride!