Let's Dish // Scooting Right Along


43147c6cb35a69c77de03eb7b8b91a49A little real talk for your Monday morning, y'all...I don't have a fancy new post for you today. ... Just a pretty photo and some honest words, if that's alright.Team Pepper has been scooting along on all cylinders over the past few weeks, and between a very full schedule, some fun new projects, and getting ready for our upcoming Pepperologie events - I've found that keeping up with things here is a leeeeetle harder than I expected.We have a full site re-design that is ALMOST ready to launched, brand-new branding by my brilliantly creative little sidekick, and some fun announcements about how you will soon have the chance to experience a Pepperologie event in your very own home town. -- EEK! ;)(If you absolutely cannot wait for that last one, simply shoot me a message and I'll fill you in on the DL!)Keep an eye right here for all of the above, and be sure to sign up for Pepper Letters to find out when to expect all the upcoming fun.(I share special goodies with my sisters there, first!)In the meantime - Stay tuned for a new outfit post coming a little later this week, and thanks for hanging in there while we regroup and get things back on track around here!XOXO - Jessie Image // Ann Street Studio