Eat Live Wear | Chopsticks + Cherry Lips


veggie dumplingsI'll have extra chili sauce with my lacquered chopsticks, thankyouverymuch.laplace-and-co2Bright workspaces should be flanked with bold bookshelves.Le-Fashion-Blog-Lea-Seydoux-Burgundy-Lips-Lipstick-Beauty-Make-Up-Inspiration-Via-Elle-FranceBronze cheeks framed by a deep side-part of burnished blonde.

Eat // Live // Wear

What's inspiring your eating, living + wearing this week?

Ps. - We're chasing cherry blossoms and celebrating Brother Bear's birthday in DC this weekend!  Any must-sees/shops/eats that I need to know about checking out? Follow along with our #PepperAdventure right here, and I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend!