Pepper Girl // Katherine Harris


kat harris pepper girl 1I'm sincerely SO excited to announce a new feature we're launching here on S+P today, and can't wait to introduce you to our very first Pepper Girl!

As Pepperologie has grown and changed over the past few years, I've come to realize that working with women as they create happy, healthy + flavorful lives is one of the things that I was truly created to do.  So many of the gals that I've met along the way have provided endless amount of encouragement and support, and being around them truly makes me feel like the best possible version of myself...  I simply can't help but want to share their sweet souls and inspiring confidence with the rest of the world!Without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to my dear friend Katherine Harris (you've seen her photos before herethere and everywhere!) and I'd love to invite you to check out the ways that she lives a flavorful life in the Q+A below...kat harris pepper girl 2My Super-hero Cape is: being grounded in my vision.  My vision is to empower and encourage young women in their worth, identity, and value.  When I remind myself that I am part of a story that matters more deeply than the stress of circumstances, it causes fear and insecurities to lose their grip over me.   I feel most confident when: I’m wearing red lipstick.My favorite compliment to receive is:I feel like I can just be myself around you.”I take care of my body/mind by: creating space each morning to journal + pray, practicing yoga, staying connected to my family + community.My faith + sense of purpose is my biggest motivation to be the best possible version of me.I pour myself out into others when: I take pictures + share my story.  I think as people we long for intimacy, authenticity + connection.  Photography + my blog are vehicles to connect deeply with other people, and I’ve learned when I am vulnerable with my story it gives others permission to do the same.$5,000 shopping spree in any store TODAY and I’d go to: J. Crew (hands down!)This photo of me is my favorite because: It feels like me.  I love my dimples + I love movement in photos.  When this picture was taken I remember feeling beautiful and free, and am so grateful that the photographer captured me in that way.

kat harris pepper girl 1DO you have someone that inspires you to be the best version of yourself? Share this post to thank her for being in your corner, and thank YOU for being a part of the precious community here on S+P!

 Images by  Jessica Burke