Life | Breaking Up a Basic Routine



This week's routine has been far from basic, but the change of scenery was just what The Peppers needed...

Below is a bit of reflection about how even the tiniest tweaks can stir up a stagnant heart, and as we wrap up our adventure in Austin, I'm feeling so thankful for a chance to share these thoughts with you here!

* But first, a quick note: Much love to Bambeco for the darling dishes and many thanks for making this post possible!  Their line of hand-glazed earthenware has become a fast favorite at Casa de Pepper. ;)

IMG_5677It’s so easy to let our love slip into a place where it feels like just enough.

Sliding past each other in the kitchen and sitting down to stare at our various screens.  Making coffee on autopilot and starting our days without saying much of anything.IMG_5727We’re trained to "make it work" while we hustle hard to have it all, but this mindset can trip us up by creating traps of complacency laced with stress.I’ve watched how even the deepest connections can drain into a shallow pool of day-to-day… Our interactions fueled by checklists marked with chores and errands and calendar requests.IMG_5702Even the strongest currents might slowly weaken over time, but I’m blown away by how the tiniest twist of one sail can steer us back on course.Fancy and lavish and major may be the first things that come to mind, but when vacation time is over (and our spending account bone-dry), it's often the smallest details that show how our hearts are intertwined.

IMG_5679Serving a sunny breakfast on these special dishes from Bambeco meant surprising our senses and disrupting a stale routine by ditching our everyday plates. The mind reacts to these differences with delight, and even switching spots at the table gave us a new perspective on the day!

I'd love to hear any other ways that you spice up your daily activities with a tiny tweak... Have you ever experienced a season of being ships passing in the night?

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