Healthy Eating // Snack Attack!


3 healthy snacks to hit the road

As someone who HATES being hungry, I've learned the serious importance of having simple snacks ready at a moments notice...

I'm a busy bee who sticks to a whole-food, plant-based diet, so it can be tricky to find things that fuel my body and keep me feeling great.  The following three options have become serious afternoon staples for me, and they're just as easy to eat at my desk as they are when I'm heading out the door!

  • Everything Kale Chips - I may never be able to eat an 'everything bagel' again, but the sadness of that fact is lessened when I get the same flavor profile from these crunchy roasted leaves! I follow Arielle's instructions to a T, but roast mine in the oven on a piece of parchment paper. Once they cool, I pull the corners of the sheet together and it makes a handy little carrying pouch that I can grab from while I walk to the subway.
  • Brown Bag Popcorn - Make it in a brown paper sack, add your seasoning right to the bag and re-fold to seal the top before stuffing in your purse!  I love doing pink himalayan salt and fresh cracked pepper, but if I'm feeling fancy add things like smoked paprika, ground tarragon or even a little bit of sriracha for some spice.
  • Vegan Chia Pudding - This option admittedly takes a bit of thinking ahead, but I like to make 3-4 individual servings in mason jars at one time so they're ready to grab from the fridge at a moments notice.  Liz's recipe uses only three ingredients, but I like to experiment by using almond milk instead of coconut milk and adding cinnamon and stevia instead of honey. I like to top mine with fresh fruit and some raw cashews or almonds, and if you'll add anything to yours - remember to leave room in the jar for extras before popping them in to the fridge to set.

Where are my fellow snack-attackers? Share your all-time favorites with me here, and I can't wait to hear what you're munching on today!

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