Concrete Catwalk // Spotted Shift


IMG_5912This spotted shift was in my shopping cart for weeks before I pulled the trigger...

I remember thinking "Will I be able to wear such a statement piece often enough to justify the price tag?"It came in the mail just three weeks ago AND I've already worn it five different times (my favorite was from these shots in Austin!), so I'm gunna go ahead and say it was a good call. ;)

Anything you've been wearing on repeat lately? Now that we're back in the Northeast, I'm thinking that I still have time to pair it with some knee-high boots and a tan leather jacket for a spring-time take!

Ps. - My new handbag is another purchase that involved a LOT of thought... I've been saving up for a new investment piece for over a year, while patiently waiting for the right one to come along. When I spotted this beauty (that fit ALL of my crazy criteria!) at my favorite consignment store in Texas, I knew it was meant to be mine! ;)  So many things to love about shopping second-hand!PPs. - In case you're in the shopping mood, there's a huge sale happening right over here!IMG_5845Top to Bottom // Warby Parker Reilly sunnies*, Capwell earrings*, Equipment dress, Marlyn Schiff necklace*, Old Navy denim jacket, Vintage/various bracelets, Prada tote via Moss Designer Consignment (more online resources right here), J. Crew ballet flats // * Notes a gift item.IMG_5872 IMG_5846IMG_5878 IMG_5849IMG_5904 IMG_5852IMG_5885 IMG_5854IMG_5899IMG_5913IMG_5931