Pepper Brunch NYC // February 2015 Recap

PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-49 - Version 2Love sharing our Pepper Brunch stories with you here, and February's event on Sunday was SUCH a delight.Click through for the photos and a quick recap from the day (taken by Kat Harris!) and find even more shots over on the S&P facebook page.Ps. - If you're in the NYC area , we'd love to have you at our next event in March!PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-18Those lovely flowers? They were kindly brought to us by a super-cool delivery service called Urban Stems... We were so grateful to have their pretty petals to brighten up the space, and everyone went home with a special little perk from them in their gift bag!PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-15Mimosas served up by Mr. Pepper. Always a big hit. ;)PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-6Lots of tasty light-bites including made my sweet little yogurt dip for the big spread of fresh fruit.PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-7Thanks to our past expert Victoria Yoffie, we had homemade vegan blueberry muffins that were whipped up from a recipe that she crafted especially for us!PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-14Pink Olive made sure that our gift bags had this lovely reminder on them, and each guest went home with a matching print tucked inside.PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-42Everyone was given a heart card when they walked in, and each gal was asked to write down the thing that they love most about themselves...PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-47 We hung them all on ribbons that formed the photo booth backdrop and I loved seeing it grow with love at the day went on!PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-48PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-44PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-31PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-5ladies at brunchSo many lovely ladies who joined us!PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-11Our expert for February was my friend and boudoir photographer, Sara del Monte of Boudoir by Tutti. (You might remember her name from the photos that I shared of our last event!)PepperologieBrunch.KatHarrisPhoto-71Sara and I chatted about embracing femininity, the challenge of having a truthful self-image, and why intentional moves toward loving what we see in the mirror can have a big impact on our lives.  It was fantastic to have our guests join in the vibrant discussion, and I was totally honored to hear so many different perspectives and insights from our audience.

Hosting these events is SUCH a blessing, and I feel very grateful for the folks that support our story & purpose in this way...

Many thanks to the partners who helped make our February Pepper Brunch a success, and please feel free to reach out to our team if you'd like to be involved in the next event!