DIY | "LOVE" my smartphone lockscreen


sprout hp love 03My grandpa always used to say something that has stayed in my heart for years:

"Jessie, do you know the greatest word in the English language? It's Love. L-O-V-E Love... Greatest word in any language, actually."

That great word is certainly something that gets lots of play at this time of year, but when I really look around, it seems like most people are either rolling their eyes at the hubbub or accepting the commercialized version to avoid a pouting partner.I'm pretty indifferent about Valentine's Day itself, but instead have seen how much more delightful it can be to celebrate love throughout the entire year. When I started brainstorming ways to keep that concept fresh in my mind, I realized that having a constant reminder would be the best way to stay on board.And then it hit me like a dozen roses... If I thought of love as many times as I looked at my phone throughout the entire day - I'd probably be shooting conversation hearts straight out of my finger tips!!!#yumapartfromlove01The very next thing that I did was grab a few fun supplies from my craft basket, hop on my Sprout by HP and whip up a little something that I think you're going to love. ;)Keep reading for a special Valentine's Day gift from me to you, and I'm sending lots of [dark chocolate!] Hershey's Kisses your way today...sprout hp love 04Coming up with a theme for my project felt like a good place to start...

My understanding of the word "Love" is firmly rooted in my faith, and is truly the foundation of everything that I believe.  To me, it is a constant presence, the continued prompting, and an unbroken promise that guides my entire life.

Love never leaves us, it never fails us, and even when it feels far away - I know that it's just living quietly inside my heart, waiting for me to ignore the noise of the world and follow it's lead.

Wanting this eternal outlook to be my guide, I decided that the following phrase would become my mantra:

And we shall never be apart from love.

I took those words and whipped up a little background for my lock-screen that lets me soak up that sentiment every single time I go to check my phone!apartfromlove2I love that in order to unlock my device, I literally have to underline the most important part with my fingertip. :)I'm all about interactive design, and creating the origami paper heart was another fun way to add a personal touch.  Plus, I love that it adds a 3-D element and mimics the geometric style of the overall look.sprout hp love 06 The Sprout by HP only has a few fonts to choose from, so I hopped over to my favorite resource for browser-based graphic design and took a screen shot of exactly how I wanted the words to appear before adding it to the artboard on my desktop.sprout hp love 05Next, I chose some decorative paper from my stash at home, photographed it with the overhead camera, and layered it on the top and bottom for a fancy gold-leaf trim.sprout hp love 07The writing pad makes it easy to incorporate hand-drawn elements, and after a few swooshes of the stylus, I was ready to add my own written version of the most important part. ;)apartfromlove2I've hardly been able to stop looking at the finished product and would love to share the graphic with you here!  Feel free to click this link that will take you to the special dropbox folder, download the file to your phone, and once you've opened it -- just look for the option to "set as lockscreen." (On an iphone, it will pop up after you click the little icon of a box with an arrow inside of it.)

If you are my Mom, please stop panicking and just call me if you have questions. ;)

Thanks for letting me share this bit of my heart with you here, and I hope you are filled with that L-O-V-E today!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

sprout hp love 02

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