Concrete Catwalk // Slow Snow

IMG_5448When I woke up this morning, I was SO desperately missing our cozy little spot on the beach that I could practically SEE the sunshine-y light streaming in through our window over the sand.  After noticing that the glare was from piles of snow on our fire escape instead glinting off the Pacific Ocean, it made me remember that at this time last year we were packing up to spend springtime on the West Coast!It's at this point of the winter where I start to panic when I think about having to keep bundling up for the next few weeks, and much of the pressure is due to an always-unfortunately timed NYFW season that makes dressing in mid-February feel extra challenging.Instead of donning sunnies and shorts for a weekend on the water, I'm layered up in as many cold-weather pieces as my style-conscience will let me wear and praying that Mother Nature goes easy on us during a very full week.I'd love to have you follow along with my (bundled-up!) New York Fashion Week adventures, so feel free to catch up over on instagram & twitter for the latest on a freezing and flavorful life! ;)IMG_5386Top to Bottom // Bauble Bar earrings, Krama Heritage scarf*, Chunky wood bead necklaceChunky tunic sweater, J. Crew coated-front denim, Leather-sleeve coat, kate spade handbag*, Studded booties // * Notes a gifted item.IMG_5480 IMG_5414IMG_5412IMG_5451IMG_5407IMG_5483IMG_5396IMG_5425IMG_5442