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pepperbrunchjan02Ok, I'm a SMIDGE behind on sharing today's post, but the last two weeks have been a flurry of fun, and full of much-needed time to regroup for the coming year.If you've been around for a while, you'll remember that I'm not really much a New Year's Resolutions gal...Instead of goals or restrictions, I like to pick a few things that I'll intentionally add more of to my recipe for a flavorful life.  By incorporating new ingredients, it feels much less like a chore and far more like I'm whipping up something wonderful -- Ya know what I mean? :)In order to hop right to it, here are the things I'm going to be reaching for MORE of in 2015:

  • Meditation // I've been fascinated as the popularity of mindfulness has steadily risen for the past few years now, and am finally feeling inspired enough to give meditation a go! I recently discovered an app called Lucent, and it seems like such an easy and well-designed way to spend the first few minutes of every day aimed at clarity and focus. Looking forward to adding some purposeful peace to my morning prayer and scripture, and will let you know how it goes in an upcoming post. Any other meditation fans out there that can share resources or tips? I'm working on a feature that goes a bit deeper on this topic, and would love to include your thoughts!
  • Clear Surfaces // The longer that I run a business out of my home, the more I realize how my productivity and a clean workspace (slash LIVING ROOM) go hand in hand. Sitting down to write this post with dirty dishes in the sink is making me NUTS, but if I let myself tidy up before starting every project, I'd never get anything done! My goal is to get better at giving our household items more purposeful (hidden!) storage spots, and I think that keeping the visual clutter to a minimum will make a big difference. (The last project I did along these lines was SO helpful, and I am stealing the 9 easy tips in this recent post!)
  • Girl-time // Living with two dudes feels a LOT like you might imagine a prime-time sitcom: I get to convince the roommates to eat my healthy cooking while they sneak junk food behind my back, and am then kindly repaid by being the butt of every joke. Hilarious, right? (Thank God they're cute.) Carving out time to spend with galpals - even over FaceTime! - has become much more essential now that I'm outnumbered, and my life-long goal of being a big-sister to many feels even more pressing. ;)
  • Water // Hah! This one if funny because I mean both drinking and exercising in it... I'm much better about both during in the warmer months, but winter leaves me feeling parched AND unwilling to hop in the pool. I'm finally gearing back up for a fun race in the spring, but will need to stay hydrated and start swimming laps in order to stay on top of my fitness game.
  • Fiction // I've always been a bookworm, but making time to curl up with a good one is tough when you're a busy gal! Ending each night just a few minutes earlier seems like the best approach, and I've already seen this become easier by adding a good read as the last step of my "getting ready for bed" routine. It feels even more compelling when it's NOT a business or a non-fiction title... On that note: What is the last juicy novel you've read and loved?!

At Pepper Brunch yesterday (our very first in NYC!), we talked about making small changes to see big victories, and I'm looking forward to applying that sentiment to this year's little additions. (Thanks to our Pepper Girl Victoria for sharing!)Take a peek at my "More" posts from 2014 & 2013 and I'd love to hear what little (or big!) things you'll be adding to your own upcoming year. :) Ps. - Still floating from our amazing afternoon yesterday, and if you're in the area, we'd LOVE to have you join us next time! Be sure to sign up for Pepper Letters to find out how to be at our next event... Team Pepper and I are already scheming and dreaming about SUCH fun things for the coming year, and I would love to hug you there!

Photo by Tutti del Monte Photography