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Howdy friends, Mr. Pepper here!

I've always had a love for neckwear, but I find that most men either have a complete phobia of tying up a quality knot, OR they think that the tie is required to be the focus of the entire outfit.  The truth is: whether it's a bow-tie or a bolo tie, your neckwear should both compliment the rest of the outfit and make a statement at the same time.

When selecting a tie, I try to find something that has an element of quirkiness while fitting into my love for cool colors and patterns. That's why I was pretty enthused to come across Nick Graham's selection of ties and bow-ties. Each tie has a front pattern with a contrast tail, and both things create that perfect balance that I'm always looking for.

The full run-down and my handy tips:

I immediately reached for this navy bow tie with a skull and cross bones contrast, but instead of hiding the skull and cross bones, I decided to flip the piece in order to showcase the unique pattern. Why dress it up if you aren't going to have some fun with it?

As always, I operate under two rules when wearing a bow tie:

1) Tie it yourself. The days of pre-tied neckwear should be left back with your high school choir days.

2) Style it up the same way you would wear a normal tie. I opted for a striped navy shirt and rounded it out with a wool blazer to give it a classic look while remaining young and fun (because that's me in a nutshell).

Encourage your favorite dudes to try it out for themselves, and I think the result will leave a smile on your face!


Top to Bottom // Nick Graham shirt* & tie* (similar), J. Crew blazer, belt, & jeans, Cole Haan shoes & socks // * Notes a gifted item.

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