DIY | Homemade Spicy Sauce w HP Sprout

IMG_5174Would you believe me if I told you that there are currently 24 bottles of hot sauce standing like spicy soldiers in my refrigerator door?Having a household of big appetites (who like food to be FULL of fiery flavor) means that we go through this condiment faster than any other staple in our kitchen. After the reported sriracha shortage last year, and in an effort to try my hand at a little homemade heat, I've been whipping up batches of my own version whenever I can!IMG_4943Putting the finished version into a plain old jar was a little too boring for my taste (you're totally not surprised) - so I hopped on our new Sprout by HP and created a label that would set my Spicy Sauce apart from all of the others.

Click through to see the details on my project and find the full recipe so that you can make your own at home!

IMG_4992I started by using the overhead scanner to take killer images of some of the main ingredients, and then layered them up with a bit of type on the desktop workspace.photographing-on-HP-sproutI'm still amazing at the quality of the photos, and having all of the design tools (literally!) at my fingertips made the whole project such a cinch. One of the other great features is having the ability to remove shadows from each item, and you can also take screenshots straight from the monitor if you want to include a digital file or source an image from on the web.

IMG_5014Touching up my lovely little lime...

IMG_4997...And then adding it to the project!

IMG_5009Time to play around with a little type on the touchscreen.

SPICY SAUCE labelI printed the final product on glossy photo paper, stuck it to an empty vinegar bottle with my favorite glue, and added some striped washi tape for the perfect finishing touch.bottle-label-diyOH, and here's the recipe, just in case you'd like to make a batch of your own at home! ;)Jessie Pepper's Spicy SauceMakes about 10 oz.Ingredients:1 qt fresh cranberries1 large white onion, cut into 1 inch chunks2 large jalapenos, diced1 head of garlic (peeled whole cloves)1 large lime (zest & juice)1 cup unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar1 cup water1 Tbsp finely chopped cilantroSalt & pepper to tasteInstructions:

  • Spread cranberries, onions, jalapeños and whole garlic cloves onto a greased cookie sheet (be sure to use one with a lip around the edge), and roast on 425 degrees for 2o minutes. Berries will start to burst and everything smells delightful! Pull out the pan and mix the ingredients with a spatula before returning for another 10 minutes.
  • In the meantime, zest the lime and use the juice to deglaze the pan when it's finished. This helps the natural sugars from the berries to release from the pan and cause less sticking. Let the entire pan sit on the counter until cool to the touch before adding to your food processor or blender.
  • I like to use the puree button and slowly add water and vinegar until everything is incorporated (you may have to do two batches depending on the size of your blender). If you want more of a chunky salsa (instead of the saucier version) you can reduce the amount of both liquid and process on a slower speed.
  • The final product is delicious eaten any way that you'd typically enjoy hot sauce (so like, on EVERYTHING), and last weekend at our Epiphany Party we served it over melty baked brie with gluten free crackers! It will keep in the fridge for about 6 months, and is such a great way to use the seasonal cranberries still hanging around in the produce aisle right now... Plus, it's hot PINK! #brightbonus

IMG_5164I make a very similar version using green tomatillos in the summer, and am excited to try even more variations now that I have my very own bottle label. ;)

Totally smitten with this latest addition to our tech-loving family and can't wait to share another fun DIY project with you a little later this month!


This post was generously provided by Sprout by HP.Thank you so much for supporting the brands that help make S&P run!