Peppery Presents // An Abridged Guide to Great Gifts


8835013784_f8142dd61b_cAfter Friday's post about our approach to gift guides this year, I received a handful of very sweet notes with the same message at the core:  The sentiment was appreciated, but many of you are still looking for ideas on scooping up some clever things for the special people in your lives!I'm VERY happy to pop in and give a quick edit of some things that I'm excited to give (or would love to receive) as a heartfelt token this year, and hopefully this provides a bit of inspiration amidst the Cyber Monday madness!

  • This cozy sweater is under $35 (even LESS with this week's discounts!), but it looks and feels like one of the most expensive things in my closet... I am seriously thinking about getting it in each color.
  • For anyone who loves to grow things (like me!) but can only WISH for a real garden - This indoor option has been a huge herb-filled success at our house!
  • Dry winter skin has already set in, and I've amped up my usual routine with a more proactive approach. Added this little trio to my nightly regimen, and currently am swooning over the results.
  • You know I love entertaining in our home, and I'm so excited to see all of the brilliant hosting inspiration in this stunning page turner by one of my sweet friends.
  • I've been wearing these new "ear jackets" nearly non-stop, and at LEAST a dozen strangers have sweetly asked me where to find the same pair. (They're part of this amazing set, but you can find several similar styles right here.)
  • The travel bug LOVES to bite as soon as the New Year arrives... We like to "pin" our plans on a big gorgeous map to keep our adventures front of mind.
  • This brilliant business is basically Pandora for wine-lovers. Need I say more? (Besides SPOILER ALERT FOR MOM & DAD.)
  • A stocking stuffer for the health-conscious peanut-butter-lover. We go through TUBS of this stuff, and I never mind having extras in the pantry.
  • I have NO idea what it is about fresh desk supplies, but a gorgeous (sharp!) gold pair of scissors will surely be the talk of any stylish office.
  • Adding new flavors to my cooking is always in the back of my mind, but it's so easy to fall back on old favorites with a shelf full of go-tos. Stock your favorite chef with artisanal blends that will blow you away, and be sure to grab a pack of the foodie-inspired biscuits for yourself. :)
  • Business books are devoured by the dozen in our household, and this new gem from Scott Belsky is next up on my list... If you know anyone craving a career fueled by impact, Make Your Mark is the third in a series of quick reads that I highly recommend.

And lastly, I'm in need of a little help myself... Currently hunting for an oversized plaid scarf (like this or this), but have been coming up short ALL weekend. If you have any leads of your own, I'd love to hear them in the comments!

Don't forget to check out the rest of my favorite gifts and the Peppery Picks shop for even more ideas, and be sure to leave me a note right here if there is anyone specific that I can help you shop for this season!