Gift Guide | Your Community


pom pom topperMost of the blog world is engulfed in “gift guides” for the month of December, but as you may have read, I’ve decided to take a bit of a different approach this year…Our family loves to celebrate the holidays throughout the entire season, and making it more about the moments and less about the gifts is something that I’m still learning to embrace.  Instead of spending hours corralling somanycoolthings into collages or searching for tips to help with your own holiday prep, I’m sharing a few suggestions for creative ways that you can bless others with your presence instead of presents throughout the holiday season.We've already covered ideas for your Family & Friends, and last week focused on what to do for your Sweetheart...  This week, it’s heartfelt surprises for the people who are a part of the neighborhood where you live!Ways to Bless Your Community…

  • Keep a small pad of paper in your bag, and try this the next time you're waiting in line: Pick one beautiful thing about someone nearby, jot it down and hand it over as you get a chance to walk away. It IS as hard as it sounds (at first), but you'll get better with practice.
  • Knock on your neighbors doors for an impromptu blanket drive and bring all of the loot to your local homeless shelter (or animal rescue org). Tell them you’ll look forward to seeing them at the next block party/hallway rendezvous.  *Note: this one pairs WONDERFULLY with holiday-light strolling or Christmas caroling!*
  • When the person in line behind you at the grocery store has just a few items, ask for cash back and leave it with the clerk to cover whatever you can. (Have them keep the change, if there's extra - Consider it payment for being your not-so-undercover accomplice!)
  • Make a big batch of healthy holiday treats and take them to your post office, coffee shop, nail salon or gym... Anywhere that there is a group of people who have been working hard to make your life easier all year.

So many ways to spread the love! Share your own ideas for blessing people in your community this season, and I’d love to share them with the family over on the Style & Pepper facebook page!

 Ps. - I'm certainly still planning to put tangible gifts under our tree, and can't wait to make my own pom pom gift toppers to help them look extra festive!