Event // PEPPERbrunch NYC


Sara Kerens, Pepperologie, Jessie ArtigueWill you come hang out with me in NYC?

After taking nearly a year to focus on reflecting and writing about the original mission of Pepperologie, I'm SO looking forward to getting back to our real-life roots with the launch of a new event, coming soon!

PEPPERbrunchJanuary 4th, 20151pm // NYC

One of our original priorities was to create a space where women could form meaningful relationships while exploring the ingredients of a flavorful life...In an effort to make this happen, we're launching a new [in-person!] monthly series called PEPPERbrunch!  Each get-together will feature a different theme, dynamic experts, special goodies & most of all -- A place to connect with new friends over what it means to pursue the best possible version of yourself.  Think of it as a bite-sized version of the original workshops where it all began! :)The very first meet-up is in NYC on January 4th (it's FREE!), and I'd love to have you to join us if you're nearby!  Come and help us kick-off the year, and get the chance to be a part of how Pepperologie continues to grow during 2015.Ps. - If you're not close enough to join us in a few weeks, be sure to sign up for my love notes right here, and I'll let you know when we're swinging by a city near you!Many thanks to the brands that support our mission!