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Glycerin-Holiday-Soap-8Most of the blog world will be engulfed in "gift guides" for the next handful of weeks, but I've decided to take a bit of a different approach if that’s ok with you sweeties…Our family loves to celebrate the holidays throughout the entire season, and making it more about the moments and less about the gifts is something that I'm learning to embrace.  Instead of spending hours corralling somanycoolthings into collages or searching for tips to help with your own holiday prep, I’m sharing a few suggestions for creative ways that you can bless others with your presence instead of presents throughout the holiday season.  ;)

Friends + Family

I feel very blessed to have a band of family & friends who make life a whole lot sweeter, and reminding them what they mean to me at this time of year feels like the best way to celebrate!Here are some of my favorite ways to serve up a few holiday smiles, and I’d love to have you share your own clever ideas in the comments below...

  • Learn how to "start" a houseplant from a cutting of one that you already have.  Put the new beginning in a beautiful pot and give it to a friend who would benefit from witnessing growth.
  • Sidewalk chalk the (outdoor) morning walk of a nearby pal. Doesn’t matter if it’s a mile from their front door to the subway or 10 steps from the garage to the mailbox. “IT’S GONNA BE A GOOD DAY!” looks especially bright in glittery yellow. ;)
  • New mamas, elderly grandparents & bachelor brothers will love this one... Ever since technology has snuck it's way into the home cleaning industry, there are TONS of ways to gift someone with a space that is sparkling clean. (Here's a great site that will help you do just that, and they're offering $25 off if you sign-up through this link.)
  • It doesn't take a complicated DIY to whip up something that is specially homemade.  These Holiday Pot Simmers are something that the whole family can help with, and they make such a sweet smelling treat to share with teachers, neighbors & friends.

Now it's your turn to tell us how you'll brighten someone's day this week... Snap a photo and use the hashtag #pepperpresence on social media so that we can be inspired by your sweetness! (Plus I'd love to share a few on the S&P facebook page, if it's alright with you!)

Ps. - Have you seen this new YouTube commercial about giving presence? I love the sentiment, and am mystified by how it magically makes me want new yoga leggings. ;)P.Ps. - If you happen to be on the hunt for even more gifting guidance... Feel free to check out my favorite finds right here and a curated collection of Peppery Picks right here!+ Top image via Hello Natural