Decorate | 15 Ways to Style a Grateful Table


0489e554d2d54cee8ea56d435eab0565I've got a confession to make: As much as I love Thanksgiving, I'm actually NOT a fan of the traditional dinner items that most of the country gets so excited about at this time of year.  (Eek! Is that horrible?)VERY thankful that the friends we celebrate with every year are open to my "creative takes" on typical holiday fare, but to be totally honest?  My absolute favorite part about hosting is getting to set a beautiful table full of festive decor!I'm taking this week off from consulting & client projects, (can't wait to spend time with my favorite little girl and her super-special parents!) and since I'll be borrowing some brilliant tabletop ideas that I've seen around the web, I'm happy to share some of the collection with you here!Click through to see my 15 favorite ways to style a holiday table, and fill me in if you've got any other fun ideas!8835013784_f8142dd61b_c 1. // Use potted plants as centerpieces (and let your guests take them home as party favors!)DSC_07632. // Bring the outside in with feathers & pinecones as extras.34_khail_airplant$!900x3. // Repurpose a springtime window box as a succulent filled centerpiece.3c84ac0e5644ca9d6c346c2bdeb1f7ca4. // Wood slices as plate chargers (or use a smaller version for drink coasters).253043c96f47618d1018f8f3208e9df25. // Holiday dinners al fresco are the norm in warmer climates... Toss blankets over the backs of chairs for when the evening temperatures drop!tabletop-56. // Adding edible elements to your centerpieces makes for an interactive table!03_1fcb704a79535f564e2e74511b0478bf_WHG-486x7307. // Make thought-provoking place settings by using kraft paper table covers and adding a fun prompt.na_na_krista_mason_photography_257filmlaceinspiration_low8. // Reprint family photos and connect them to form a runner that gives guests a walk down memory lane.Thankgsiving-149. // Get creative with extra bench seating and add pillows to keep people from sneaking off to the mall. ;)justina-blakeney-holiday-table1010. // Seasonal fruit can be just as pretty as an expensive bouquet of exotic flowers. (It also makes for a healthy breakfast after an indulgent meal!)glittery-moscow-wedding-7411. // Paint and repurpose empty wine bottles for glamourous groupings of dramatic light. (Especially love this for a late-night apertif with your favorite guests.)Hunted Interior - Plaid Table Setting12. // Twine-wrapped flatware handles. Such a quick an easy upgrade to your existing set!f705f7bb352bc313a88b866b56f3120b13. // Individual salt + pepper cellars made possible by your local walnut harvest. ;)hollytablecanvas14. // Toss a plaid flannel blanket over the table as a runner or tablecloth - adds coziness & color at the same time!MenuPumpkin115. // Paint pen + pumpkins = a mighty cute way to share the special menu with your guests!---Image credits: Top photo from Apartment 34, and the rest are linked in the captions