Trend Watch // Bold Black Flats

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I am SO tired of my perpetual hunt for The Perfect Black Flat... Every season I continue my search, but it has been a very long time since I've found the right pair.  Looking for something that is classic enough to go with everything, yet quirky enough to fit my own personal style - a tough combo, apparently!

The pairs here are all just a leeeeetle too sassy for the go-to that I need, but in case you've already got YOUR staples nailed down, I thought I'd share them as a few fun ways to step boldly for Fall. ;)

Let me know which one is your favorite (Robot! Hands-down!), and I'll fling a monstrous virtual hug to the lass that sends me a lead for my next all-affair swoon-worthy pair!

Ps. - We're headed to Kansas City for a friend's wedding today, and you'd better believe I've got one of these babies packed in my bag. So excited to watch Tuesday's game with dear friends, and love that the timing worked out so well! XOXO (#GoRoyals)