Live Well | Sleeping Tight with my Jawbone UP24

sleepy timeWhen was the last time you hopped out of bed feeling like you had a GREAT night's sleep?Hitting the hay has never been one of my strong suits, but as I shared a few weeks ago -- I've been trying to stay aware of my bedtime habits in an effort to improve my slumber game!Today's episode of S&P-TV has me sharing a bit about my own journey to a good rest, along with some handy tips (and a very useful tech tool) that will hopefully help you figure out your own version of satisfying sleep...

Handy Links from the Episode:

Jawbone UP24 band + appMy favorite nighttime candleEarplugs that drown out the world (glorious!)Snuggle-worthy sheets that are so so softCurious about caffeine timing? Here are some smarty-pants guidelines.

I honestly don't think that I would have seen such a drastic difference without the help of my Jawbone UP24, and would love to have you check out the app for yourself and let me know what you think.  (Such a cool deal that you can download it to your phone for free and utilize the handy features before buying the actual band!)Hoping to continue on my path to becoming a better sleeper (because DUH - more dreaming), and in the meantime - I'll just go ahead and take all the ZZZZZ's I can get! ;)Top image via D*S---This post was kindly brought to you by Jawbone UP.All words and opinions are 100% my own, and thanks for supporting the brands that make S&P possible!