Impact | The Brave Collection

Today's Impact feature was written by Meredith Mohr for Style & Pepper.

Be Brave - A simple phrase, but with impact that stretches across the globe.
Cambodia is a place once known as the “Land of Wonder,” and it is here that brilliant colors and ancient temples mix together in a country rich in culture and art. It is also here that genocide has ravished the once-stunning landscape, and the torn history and weakened economy have made human trafficking a prevalent issue. An estimated 30 million people are victim to the devastating problem of human trafficking, but The Brave Collection has decided to fight back.
  1. Their jewelry celebrates the bravery of women around the world by providing sustainable business opportunities to Cambodian artisans.  The charms on each bracelet spell out the word "Brave" in Khmer, and can act as a beautiful reminder of the courage we are all capable of as women.
  2. They partner with non-profit organizations within Cambodia, and a portion of all sales go towards helping the beacons of hope that already operate within the country.
  3. Last year, they were able to donate enough to cover the cost of schooling for 100 survivors of human trafficking!
Read more about The Brave Collection over on their blog, and you’ll find a colorfully inspiring dose of hope, storytelling and the latest news about their work.
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