Peppery Picks // Second-hand Scores


Photo Aug 10, 5 10 25 PMMeet my sweet little vintage bike, "Ruby"... One of my best second-hand finds ever!

We've talked about my love of treasure hunting here before, but today I'm excited to share a bit about WHY I love finding perfectly pre-loved goodies to spice up your personal style and your space at home.

My ongoing love-affair with thrift stores began when I started searching for beat-up band tees at my local Savers as a freshman in high school (I promise it was waaaayy cooler than it sounds back then)...

Even now, they are STILL some of my all-time favorite places to shop - especially when I travel - and over the years, thrifting has gone from being a hobby of mine to becoming something that I consider a true craft!

I'm delighted to be working with Savers to bring you some special features this month, and many thanks to the very place where my habit started for making these tips and tricks possible. ;)

Here are a few of my favorite reasons to shop second-hand, and be sure to check out the snazzy new page that shares my resources for how you can make thrifting work for you!

  • Spend less.  Retail prices rarely makes their way to my budget.
  • Be unique.  I am nearly always able to find and wear pieces that no one else has.
  • Get inspired.  Hardly ever a corner without something cool to be uncovered.
  • Trend forward.  Get a chance to try out the latest looks without the risk of spending full-price.
  • Mix & match.  Blend second-hand with high-end for a luxuriously layered look.
  • Love the planet.  Savers keeps more than 650 million lbs of used goods from landfills every year.
  • Shop with purpose.  Most thrift stores partner with local non-profits to impact their community in a positive way. (Check with the shop directly to see what organizations they support.)

Find more inspiration by visiting Savers on facebook or twitter, and check out more of my favorite finds from their stores as I take over their Instagram account over the next few days!

Ps. - Bikes on both coasts! (Duh.) More cycling-style right this way, folks. ;)---This post was kindly made possible by Savers.Thanks for supporting the brands that make this site possible!