Let's Party | Happy Joeywarming!

IMG_3485It's true that being a great host can involve a lot of moving parts, but I'm a fan of making life MORE fun and LESS frantic whenever I can.We recently had a little "Joeywarming Party" at Casa de Pepper (welcoming my little brother into our home and celebrating the new space that the 3 of us now share!), and Santa Margherita helped us make sure that all of the guests has something special to sip on.IMG_3470Mr. Pepper and I are big fans of serving tasty, pre-mixed cocktails when we're hosting a crowd, and keeping our hands free from playing bartender all night gives me a chance to hug and dance and have a great time at our own parties. ;)Creating a simpler version of something seasonal can absolutely feel festive enough to skip a more complicated drink menu, and this Apple Ginger Fizz that Mr. Pepper and I mixed up was happily a big hit (Have I mentioned we love making things together?)IMG_3465Apple Ginger Fizz:+ 1 bottle of prosecco or sparkling white wine + 1 cup of ginger ale (we use sugar-free) + A splash of apple cider vinegarServe by stirring in a dollop of fresh apple puree, and garnish with an apple slice! IMG_3508We also had plenty of Santa Margherita chianti on hand for those who prefer something a little darker (like me!), and everyone was SO generous in bringing along extras, that our barcart is practically stocked for the rest of the year!

Ps. - Want something alcohol-free that feels just as fun for Fall?  Take a peek at my Healthy Cider-ade recipe, and add a dash of cinnamon for an extra super-food boost! ;)