Digital Sprinkles // Beautiful Girl


 TurningAwayErikOlson_720Focusing on embracing and encouraging beauty this week, and swinging back into a routine with some related goodies for you today...+ Loving Joanna's beauty uniform series, and can't wait to test out this genius eucalyptus-in-the-shower trick from Erica Chidi... Have you tried it?+ Hilary is kicking off a new campaign today and I'm joining in the fun to encourage beauty alongside a great group of gals - Sign up to join us!+ Never thought about celebrating stretch marks until now.  (Lotta lines at my party these days - never thought of embracing them so openly, but these ladies are much braver than I.)+ Writing love notes to my Pepper Girls has been such a highlight of this year, and last week I talked about seeing the inner beauty of others with one of my oldest stories.+ Whether it's fiercely feminine, peaceful and poised or purely passionate (truly a trillion combinations!)... No matter how you want to feel in your life, I'd recommend reading and following this radiant lady's roadmap for using your desires to drive your life. (One of my favorite $14 I've spent in a long while.)Hope your Monday is off to a great start, and thanks for hanging in there while I took a big breather last week!  I love you, ya know!XOXO - Jessie Pepper*Lovely art by Erik Olson