Living // July 2014


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A few things floating through my mind, filling my heart and on the horizon for this sun-drenched season...

Listening to this podcast for a bit of weekly inspiration - love everything this girl does, and have happily added her show to my favorites.

Loving this field jacket and wondering if the extra 40% off justifies the (wayyyy) off-season purchase.

Reading the rest of this book about bodies so that I can start this one about bread & wine.

Working on something extra special for Spring 2015. (Two words: Pepper Camp. Get on board to find out first!)

Moving to the beats of this chica's groove-fests.  Solo dance parties in my kitchen, and our neighbors across the way now know that they can count on me for a good laugh.

Wearing a printed silk mini (with zebras!) on an anniversary getaway with Mr. Pepper this weekend... Headed to the Hudson Valley for some serious fun and you can follow along here.

Eating fresh produce from the market like it's my J. O. B... Did you guys know there is a fruit called an aprium now? Apricot + plum = A delicious treat with a dumb name.

Starting to train more seriously for my first sprint triathalon in the fall, and holy cow am I nervous!  (Good thing I have a snazzy striped suit to keep me company.)

Wishing that I would have gotten to say goodbye to my childhood home one more time... I wrote her a Pepper Letter when my family moved last week, and am honestly still feeling a little bit of the sting.

Making zucchini noodles weekly (thanks to this kitchen must-have), and especially love them with these baked eggs.

Smelling the bundle of fresh flowers I picked up at the bodega on my way home from the gym... Here's how I learned the best tricks on arranging everyday blooms like a pro.

Looking for a new apartment in Hoboken, and keeping fingers crossed for a second bedroom and a balcony so I can do this.

Watching our second season of this show that my brother recommended, and staying up WAY too late for our own good!

Drinking a big glass of my healthy chia seed cider-ade out of the type of tumbler that will change your life.

Feeling stumped by the traditional 7th year anniversary gift of copper... Maybe a set of these so he can serve us up some summery drinks? ;)

Pick your favorite verb and play along in the comments, will you?

XOXO - Jessie Pepper