Digital Sprinkles // Butterflies + Raccoon Eyes


peonies[image found here]

+  Have you ever tried this genius eyeliner trick?  I'm on my first go (as of this morning), and promise to report back ASAP... Raccoon eyes, BE GONE! Another way to banish dark circles for good? This stuff. (Grab a special discount code for S&P readers right here!)+  You may have already seen my mention in last week's love note, but Mr. Pepper and I are starting a new thing very soon!  As usual, my butterflies are flapping around like crazy, but I just know it's going to be good. ;)+  These are the chicest jogging sneakers I ever did see. (Though something tells me they'd be a disaster to actually work out in.  Can anyone confirm?)+  Anyone who knows someone dealing with anxiety (which is actually pretty much EVERYONE) should read this post.  Descriptive, honest, and a heartfelt account of some of the very same things that so many of us experience daily.+ Rosemary, sea salt + vinegar beet chips... Something tells me these are TOTALLY worth the pink fingers.Happy Sunday, Chickadees!