S&P TV // Healthy Cider-ade to Start the Day


mason bar companyWalking though a handful of small steps every morning has become a precious part of my own little daily routine...

Getting woken up by my snuggly alarm clocksPrayer + Meditation on my morning readingExercise... I like to switch it up but usually running, pilates or spin classDrinking a nice big glass of this tasty homemade "Cider-ade" (...Followed by a few cups of coffee. Duh.)

This week's episode of S&P TV features just one of the many ways that I try to get my day off to a healthy start, and I'm happy to share the recipe here so that you can find out how to try it out for yourself!(And many thanks to Heather in Brooklyn for sending such a fun question by using the hashtag #AskJessiePepper... Play along on twitter, and you could be featured in an upcoming video!)Watch the video for the full run-down, and be sure to let me know what you think.  ;)Ps. - I'm always curious to know more about healthy habits... What are some of the little bits of your morning routine that you couldn't start the day without?  Also - have you heard of this book that studies the daily rituals of brilliant artists?  So intriguing!  On my (growing) list of books to get through this summer!