Concrete Catwalk // Easy Summer Evenings

IMG_1392You guys, I am LIVING for these gorgeous weekends we've been having in the Northeast.Usually my workload lightens up a bit in the summer, but I've got my head down and am pressing forward on things like my growing consulting business and some new partnerships that I'll be able to share a bit more about soon.  ;)(Just a few of the reasons that we're looking for the perfect intern to join our team!)Keep reading for a peek at how I'm trying my best to keep things easy and effortless on the weekends, and why the past few have truly felt like little gifts...IMG_1362Top to Bottom // Banana Republic sunnies*, Vintage earrings, Anna Beck necklace*, Old Navy strapless maxi-dress*, Joy Gryson handbag*, kate spade bow watch & ring, Dovetail Vintage ring, J. Crew strappy sandals // * Notes a gifted item.IMG_1379One of the things that I've noticed about protecting my weekends from work is that they feel like much more of a special occasion, and I'm a firm believer that the time to recharge, refill and reconnect with your people is SO valuable.These photos were from this past Saturday when my biggest decisions included:Which color of polish will make my new pedicure pop?  (This one.)andShall I order my usual glass of wine or a fancy cocktail at our favorite pizza place?  (The latter.)Days like this are meant to be spent on a blanket in the grass with a good book, using date-night to explore neighboring cities, and strolling home from the frozen yogurt place with more than 5 toppings in your cup.  (I DEMAND IT. #chocolatecoveredpretzels)Days like this are NOT meant to be spent stressing about what to wear or how you look...  Reaching for a maxi-dress (or maxi-skirt!) has always been one of my easiest choices when putting an outfit together, and the simplicity of opting for just one strong piece to style is my favorite way to cut corners without cutting out the cute.Let's face it: Nobody wants to do without the cute!

For this particular afternoon-turned-date-night, I opted for strappy flat sandals, a pastel shoulder bag & some fun jewelry, but I'll be wearing the exact same dress on our family trip to the lake this weekend...  For the sunny days on the water, I'll be pairing it with canvas tennies, a floppy straw hat and a rustic belt for a more casual look.

The possibilities are so endless and so effortless...Tell me: How will you be styling up your maxi-dresses for easy summer evenings?IMG_1357IMG_1382IMG_1355IMG_1387IMG_1363IMG_1389IMG_1370IMG_1398IMG_1403---This post was kindly brought to you by Old Navy.Check out Old Navy's latest fashion lineup in store or online at