Beauty Bite // Birch Box "Free for All"

BirchBox_Naturals-imgI try to use natural ingredients on my skin and hair whenever possible, but that often means having to stay away from most of the beauty subscription services that have popped up over the past few years...Since sourcing and sampling organic products (and finding ones that actually work!) can sometimes be a tricky task, I was THRILLED to see that Birchbox has introduced a limited edition "Free for All" box that focuses on a more natural line-up!They recently sent one of the new little treasure-bundles my way, and I was instantly smitten with the sample sizes (perfect for traveling!) and the darling design of the recyclable packaging.

If you love the idea of getting a special surprise-full-o-samples in the mail (but are careful about what you put on your body), I'd say this could definitely be the option for you!

My Faves:

  • Lov Organic Tea // With a range of flavors that all have beauty + health related benefits, this Lov is Beautiful tea has just the right amount of sweetness and is packed full of zinc, which is great for your skin.
  • Karma Naturals nail polish remover // I was blown away that this soybean-oil-based product was able to take off a four coat application of nail color with no problem! It's moisturizing properties are great for your nails, and I love how it didn't turn my fingers ashy white like normal acetone.
  • Shave with Benefits foaming cream // These bubbly suds make shaving a dream, and the mint + eucalyptus scent seems to turn my whole shower into a spa. :)
  • Shamanuti charcoal cleanser // Here's another product I've been using regularly in the shower... Charcoal is a miracle ingredient for so many reasons, and I love that this cleanser has a similar multi-facted slant.  It removes dirt + makeup with little to no scrubbing, balances the pH levels of your skin, exfoliates using gentle maple-based sugar particles, and can even be used on your body or as a shaving gel!

Ps. - I'm SUPER excited to have several new-to-me organic products lined for some upcoming Beauty Bites on S&P... Is this something that you enjoy seeing on the site?  You know I love sharing my favorites here with you!!!