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darling deskThis darling desk belongs to Danielle of The Everygirl

Every time the seasons change, I get a major urge to get things tidied up around the house, and since we were gone so much of the past few months - I've been feeling way behind on my Spring Cleaning!One of the places that I spend the most amount of time is my little desk space here in the little corner of the family room, so this seemed like the very best place to start.  Thanks to the help of Tuesday Morning and a few key design ideas, I'm now feeling much better about my workspace and ready to hit the ground running with lots of great new project for both Style & Pepper and beyond. ;)Check out the video below to see my 3 Design Tips for an Organized Desk, a tiny before and after of S&P Headquarters, and be sure to watch until the very end to see my furry little office assistant get her very first performance review!As you can see, I couldn't have made much of a dent in the clutter with all of the help I had from Tuesday Morning --  Please tell me you're already a fan! I've been shopping there with my mom ever since I was a little girl (shout-out to the store on Thomas & 32nd St. in Phoenix!) and they are still one of my go-to spots to find aisles upon AISLES of perfect pieces for our home.If you've never been to a Tuesday Morning before, be prepared for a "treasure hunting" atmosphere (think: kick-ass garage sale filled with brand new designer names) and then get yourself ready for some seriously hard-to-resist deals.   They have over 800 stores around the US, and you can click here to easily find the one closest to where you live.As you'll see in the latest episode of S&P TV, I gave myself a modest budget and came in WAY under what I had planned, so am already looking forward to heading back for another round of updates on Casa de Pepper. ;)Stay tuned for more great Spice Up Your Space features very soon, and I'll see you back here with a new outfit later this week!---

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