Concrete Catwalk // Fields of Sunshine


Wearing white to a winery seemed like a great idea at first.

A color choice as bright as the sunny rays, and the lack of sleeves allowing the Vitamin D to seep deep into my bare shoulders...All of the refilling that we successfully accomplished was only mildly dimmed by the fact that I am a very clumsy person, and people in white dresses should rarely hold multiple glasses of Pinot Noir in one day.*Ahem*(Thank goodness we took these photos before the tasting AND thank goodness that our dry cleaner keeps my tab open!)Another successful outside-the-city escape has me majorly looking forward to a few other upcoming adventures, especially now that the weather seems to be most delightfully in our favor.Anything exciting you're looking forward to for summer?  Fill me in here, and I'll bounce those buzzy vibes right back at you!Ps. - I'm proud to share that I smuggled in an entire half-a-picnic for four people in my all-day city tote... It's one of my very best and comes with me almost everywhere!PPs. - I thought it was hilarious that three separate people asked if I was getting married that afternoon, and everyone kept giving Mr. Pepper dirty looks for not being more dressed up than his usual jeans and slip-ons.  Looking back, I'm realizing that if we would have played along, they might have sent us home with a few extra bottles of bubbly! ;)IMG_1052

Another fun way to shop!


Top to Bottom // Bauble Bar earrings*, House of Harlow sunnies (on sale!), Vintage dress, Brahmin All-Day tote*, Noonday Collection bracelet*, Miss Trish sandals* (similar), Banana Republic ring (similar) // * Notes a gifted item.