Beauty Bite // Argan Oil Infinity Cream


Josie-Maran-Cheek-OilsI hardly ever let myself walk into a Sephora these days (unless I've got a spare $100 burning a hole in my pocket... so, like, NEVER), because how anyone actually leaves without buying two or twelve things is a complete mystery to me!You may have already guessed where this is going... Why am I now breaking my own rules?Because when a friend asks you to meet her at a beauty counter to help pick out the perfect lip color - YOU GO.(I love my friends, yo.)---I walked in like a woman on a mission and was stopped in my tracks by the shiny display of "Newest Arrivals" from Josie Maran.  After starting to sample each color of the new Infinity Cream on the back of my hand, I realized that this little gem is multi-functional (lips & cheeks!), lightweight (not greasy at all!) and that the Boundless Berry color made my skin glooowwwwww (bring on the summer-face!)... I was totally hooked -- gloss, balm & liner. ;)

Two things to note:

1.  The application is really more like a traditional stain than anything else, but the moisture from the argan oil makes it easy to apply and "move around" before it actually sets into your skin and becomes something that you might regret sooner than you can slip into your outfit.  (Am I the only one who gets hair/makeup ready in my robe?)

2.  If you're looking for varying depths of color from one day to the next, this is a great option because of the layering factor.  I've been using my finger to apply it on my lips like a gloss, and then splitting the excess to tap and smooth it on to the apples of my cheeks.  For a brighter look:  I add one more dab on my lips, and I love that just a tiny little bit goes quite a long way.

I'm so glad I took the plunge and bought a tube (along with two other new faves!), and have been relishing in it's faithful flush ever since.  Trying to MAJORLY amp up the femininity factor after chopping my hair off last week, and I am currently needing all the help I can get!  ;)